Guest Check-In Form

Condition of Entry/Residence:
I/ We hereby agree that:

- I/ We enter/dwell in or about the premises of the company, ("Premises") including the garden and other unimproved areas at my/our own risk;
- It is a condition of my/our occupation of the premises
That I/we specifically agree and accept that the company and/ or each of its respective subsidiary and
associated companies, and their respective members, employees, contractors, sub - contractors,
agents, workmen or representatives (hereinafter jointly and severally referred to as the "company")
shall not be responsible for any accident or bodily injury to any person or loss of or damage to property
brought by me/ us upon the premises regardless of whether such injury, loss or damage results from
the negligence of the company or from any other cause whatsoever brought

I/We undertake to procure that every person accompanying me/us will accept the aforesaid condition
of residence/ presence and will agree to be bound by them.
I/We indemnify (Where more than one person, jointly and severally) the company against any claim by any person accompanying me,
including especially any minor or disabled person in connection with his/ her occupation of or his/her
presence of his/her property on or about the premises, including specifically without being limited
thereto, any claims arising from injury to person and/or loss of or damage to his/her property as
aforementioned and from any cause whatsoever.


The hotel can see name and place and confirms herewith to keep the guest information safe and not use it or sell it to third parties for any purpose other than to contact the guest in case this is required by law.