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Sustainability is important to us

Back in 2009, whilst designing, building and creating our hotel, sustainability was foremost in our minds. One can say, saving the planet was and still is in our DNA and therefore integrated in our operating procedures right from the onset.

Paperless environment
o Electronic check in procedure using your own mobile device
o Photographed passport/ID
o Save electronic storage of personal data
o Invoices are sent via email (printed version on request only)

Water saving measures:
o Linen and towel washing policy
o Toilet flushing – big flush & small flush
o Specially designed shower heads but not compromising a good shower experience
o Taps have water diffusers

Energy saving measures:
o Day/night switches control all external lights
o Energy saving- or LED-globes
o Timer devices installed
o Energy saving electronic appliances where possible
o Energy saving power tools and gardening equipment

Recycling measures:
o Light globes
o Plastic
o Paper
o Tins/cans
o Glass
o Batteries
o Electronic appliances
o E-Waste; computers, printers, cartridges, etc.
o Composting of kitchen waste
o Compost heap for garden refuse
o Linen and towels

ARH is Socially responsible

Our staff policies:
o Everyone is equal
o Everyone is treated with respect
o Everyone is treated fair
o Everyone gets the opportunity to be the best they can, Always!
o Everyone is involved in the running of ARH
o Skills training is ongoing and encouraged
o Knowledge is everything, therefor all our staff members are encouraged to
use the free data via our dedicated Staff Wifi connection
o Our “Guest” computer is open for guests and staff alike

Our procurement philosophy:
o Where possible, products are procured from suppliers in our immediate vicinity
o We buy from local sustainable producers (Farmers Markets):
- Fresh produce
- Farm Eggs from free roaming chickens
- Art and craft (for sale in our curios and craft shop)
o Local artists designed and produced most of our light fittings:
- On sale in our shop
o Most of our furniture was purposely designed by ourselves and manufactured by local craftsman

Other nice stuff we do:
o Healthy food is important for young learners, we offer support and food to a local primary school’s feeding program
o Worn, but still good re-usable, linen and towels get a second live with our staff and their families
o Our vegetable garden supplies food for staff and guests
o The bathroom products are all natural with the body butter a bestseller in our shop